Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE(Main)-2019

MAIN Last-Minute-Preparation-Tips-Robomateplus

This Month, lakhs of engineering aspirants will appear for JEE Main 2019. Most of them would have studied day and night for the last three months, and many have been slogging for two years to prepare for the exam well.

Now that you have covered the entire syllabus, have solved several full-length practice papers, model tests and previous year JEE Main question papers, and are almost done with your revision, here are some smart last-minute tips for JEE Main 2019 that you may want to have a last look at before entering the examination hall:

  • The first and foremost thing to remember is to avoid studying any new topic during the last week or few days before the exams.
  • Practice more by solving problems and other objective types of questions from both NCERT textbooks and other JEE Mains reference study materials.
  • Solve more sample papers, model papers and questions from Question banks as there are probabilities in recurrence of questions.
  • Never forget to refer to the class notes, important points, and important terminologies.
  • Be confident in your preparation. After completing the JEE(Main) Syllabus, test yourself to evaluate your performance level.
  • Clear all the doubts by meeting experts or teachers. Use the tips, guidelines, and shortcuts given by your lectures.
  • Start with the important topics first and then switch on to the other topics.
  • Improve your time management, as there will be many questions to be solved in a very less time. Increase your speed of calculating.
  • Do not spend more than one hour for revising the topics. Have a quick glance through the complete syllabus and never skip any topic.

These were few important Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2019. Hope these tips will be useful.




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